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Looking after my skin is a big part of my everyday life. I hate that feeling when your skin feels tight or you look at it and it’s scaly from the dryness. Thirsty skin is a massive NO-NO in my life and I do my best to keep on top of it all but let’s be honest, we all slack from time to time. But it’s really important for me as I want to keep my skin looking as healthy and young as possible, for as long as possible. Whilst being away on holiday I got a bit lazy with the skincare routine, but don't we all when we are away relaxing. Now I’m back I am back in full swing whilst trying to keep that sun tan I've got as I feel so much better when I’ve got a nice glow to my skin! 

I’ve used Dermalogica for about 4/5 years and I simply love it. It’s lightweight, it’s affordable (well, some would say expensive, but a little goes a long way so can last for ages) and it suits my skin type perfectly. I guarantee, products from the Dermalogica range would suit all skin types if you plan carefully what you should be using.  

So here are my must haves: enjoy and remember, these are a guideline for my skin – everyone is different but I know that if you give it a go, you would love this brand!


-Pre-Cleanse. This is my favourite way to take my makeup off and it is also the first step to my night time facial routine. When you pour it into your hand it feels like an oil which you massage into your face (including your eyelashes). You then add water and it will turn into a milky colour and you then massage your face again before rinsing with water. I have never found a better way to get all of my makeup off and it doesn't dehydrate your skin like makeup wipes do. It comes in two different forms; liquid and wipes.

-Ultracalming Cleanser. I use this cleanser because I have sensitive skin but there is a cleanser for all skin types so just leave a message if you want any advice. What I love about the Ultracalming Cleanser is any skin type can use it and you don’t have to use water if you don’t feel the need to. Perfect for some people who can’t tolerate water on their skin (and I have a few clients where this is the case) 

-Daily Microfoliant. The name gives it away that this is used daily and this is my exfoliator. It is not often that you use an exfoliator every day as this would be too harsh on your skin but this is designed for everyday use. It also doesn't feel like an exfoliator with its smooth foam like texture. It is brilliant when used it the morning to brighten up your skin and give you that glow whether you are going to apply make-up or not. 

-Skin Smoothing Cream. I like this cream because it is ‘middle of the road’ in terms of the consistency. It's great to use before you put your makeup on. There is a lighter cream which is called Active Moist; this is good for people who have more of an oily skin type and there is Intense Moisture Balance; this is better for people with a drier skin type. I find the Smoothing Cream can be used morning and night so it is perfect for not having to purchase additional moisturisers. 

Dermalogica has such a wide range of products and this is why I decided to use their products in my salon. I used the products for 3 years before I used them for my facials and stocked their products so I’m an old-hand when it comes to knowing the products, the effects and what is best for your individual skin. No two people are the same with their needs and this is where this brand is fantastic, give it a go!!   

Get in touch if you want any advice about products to use for your skin type – I’m trained and I know my stuff.


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