Wednesday, 26 August 2015


So, one of my favourite things is travel. Exploring the world and seeing new, amazing things and I love to photograph as I go, keeping the many lovely memories of my travels alive with the pictures I take. 

Ever since my cousin got married in Turkey, it’s been one of my loves to travel to. Southern Turkey is truly beautiful, the Mugla region: Fethiye, Olu Deniz and most recently I explored Kabak. About an hour by Dolmus (that’s a bus to me and you) from Olu Deniz, it’s calm, peaceful and somewhere that I can unwind and reflect on life. It was paradise; truly. Clear water and trees whistling in the breeze. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to stop me just relaxing and taking it all in and I didnt have to travel far from the villa to get there.

Although it was a quick trip to Kabak dotted within the rest of my holiday, it was a great way to wind down and spend some quality time with the people I love. 

We drove from Olu Deniz to Kabak: a winding mountain road that takes you here, passing Butterfly Valley on the way. It has stunning views, and a stunning area (maybe not if you don’t like heights!) It’s really worth making the effort to visit as it’s a place lost in time reflecting the history of the Turks and Greeks in the area. We checked into The Olive Garden, and relaxed, well I wasn’t going to be moved from the beautiful infinity pool so cocktail in hand, chillout tunes and it was a day of dreams! 

That’s what life should be all about; getting chance to reflect and gather focus for what’s to come. The momentum of life is so fast paced that we sometimes need to stop, take a minute and think about what’s important. 

Check out the pics – like I said, if you want a day in paradise, Kabak is for you! 

Sunglasses - Ted Baker
Bikini - River Island
Dress - Primark
Hat - Primark 

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