Wednesday, 4 November 2015

On Shoot with Danepak Bacon

Make up is a passion of mine so seeing my work on screen or in print is a great feeling. Being on a shoot is all about the teamwork, not just working for you, but about fulfilling your creativity whilst creating a look that both you and the client are super happy with. 

I was on a video shoot a few weeks ago for Danepak bacon and an social media campaign of theirs. It was a great experience working with some fantastic directors and stylists. When I got offered the job I didn’t hesitate to take it as I knew it would be a fantastic experience, but ten minutes later and I found myself terrified after reality set in and it suddenly dawned on me that it was rather a big gig. Although I am confident in what I do I always get the same thoughts creeping in, what if they aren’t happy, what if I can’t do what they want? 

With any job, planning is vital for a photo-shoot. How to prepare for studio and on-location shoots and what to keep in mind? Everyone has his or her own routine, but as we can sometimes forget the obvious things, here are my top pointers:

1. Spend time the night before any job putting your kit into perfect order and ensure all brushes are super clean. If everything is sorted, you can then relax the night before and thing about the job ahead. 

2. Keep your creative vision in your mind at all times. Remember that the design of the make-up is always a collaboration between a few people and not just yourself; it’s down to the photographer, stylist, director, hair-stylist and client too. The photographer or director will set a brief and then it’s up to you as make-up artist to work alongside the stylist to decide on a colour palette and how the make-up should be exactly. 

3. Always stay organized! Take practical things with you and always be prepared. Keep your workspace (and you!) looking neat and tidy and being organized in your workspace will help you to work quickly when time is short. 

4. Be flexible and always wear a smile! You will always get on better when you have a comprehensive kit that can cater for any situation, but be prepared that things can change! And when they change, be flexible and say ‘of course’ – even if inside, you are panicking, realizing how much longer this request will take – just smile!! 

The night before the Danepak job my good friend Chrystal agreed to come along and help me on the shoot so all the worries of going it alone were gone and I became more excited about the whole experience. Once I arrived on set, all of my worries were gone and I immediately relaxed into the job, enjoying every minute of the hectic, fast paced job. 

You can watch the video below :)


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