Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Touch of HD Make Up | Make Up For Ever

Let’s be honest girls, makeup is the key to pulling any look together, right? Well take a look at the brand ‘Makeup Forever’ that I am absolutely in love with at the moment. The finish of their products is amazing and they really do suit all skin types, which is rare for such an affordable makeup brand. The ‘Makeup Forever’ brand is brilliant for all round use from day to day, nights out, weddings, it creates enough coverage for TV filming on camera and perfect for photo shoots with the products having a HD finish.
Trying out some of their great products I have picked some of my favourites:
Ultra HD foundation gives you the perfect finish with giving you a beautiful glow without any oiliness. It gives a good amount of coverage (perfect for covering blemishes or dark circles after a heavy night out) and it’s very buildable if you want even more coverage. As mentioned before this foundation is perfect for any occasion especially those special ones where you will be in front of the camera, keeping you looking flawless all day.

Another great product for the face is: Full Coverage Concealer. The name of the product says it all, it really does give you full coverage and even using a small amount the effect is amazing, it literally lasts forever because you really don't need to use a lot of product at all. The concealer is my favourite as it isn’t at all thick so it feels weightless on your skin and doesn’t start to wear off or start to look cakey during the day. I also love the HD Concealer. I like to use this as part of my highlighting process, using the lightest shade it creates a great highlight a glow and it doesn't crease under the eyes. 

Their cute little Mix & Fix Spray is a perfect and should quite frankly be an essential part of every girls makeup bag! The spray is really hydrating on the skin and can be used throughout the makeup regime, at the end to fix it all into place and throughout the day if you feel that your face needs a bit of a refresh. It doesn’t smudge your makeup at all and is feels very light on the skin, sometimes this type of product can mess with the finish of your makeup but this little product just slots straight in and adds the perfect finishing touch as well as hydrating and refreshing your skin. 

Lastly their Eyeshadow Pigments are brilliant! They last so long especially on top my favourite Urban Decay Eye Primer Original. I am in love with the eyeshadow tin by the ‘Makeup Forever’ brand as it is magnetic so all of your individual eyeshadows attach inside so they don’t fall out and break

I would say if you are looking for an affordable, HD style and professional looking makeup then these products from  ‘Makeup Forever’ are a must in your make up bag! 
If any of you use their products I would love to hear what your favourites are. 


Thursday, 3 December 2015


So autumn/winter is here which means it’s officially Timberlands weather! And that means before we know it it’ll be freezing winter, yet it only seems like summer was yesterday. I’ve put this outfit together combining all the seasons together. I’m clinging onto a bit of summer still wearing my white jeans, but I’ve got my winter bomber jacket on whilst wearing my Timberlands. I’ve wanted some Timberlands for ages so finally invested in some, and I haven’t looked back since! I can’t say I’m much of an autumn fan, I’d rather either be on the beach with a Mojitos in the summer or wrapped up at home with a hot chocolate in the winter, the drizzly autumn season isn’t my favourite but I’m loving the fashion this year!

Timberlands - Here Here Here
Bomber Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Watch - Cluse Watches

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